Welcome to Roambased!

The digital lifestyle is any working human being’s dream, regardless of what they try to say.

It’s a matter of their capabilities, knowledge, and determination that ultimately hold them back from pursuing such a career.

And that’s okay.

All that allows for only a few to succeed in the space, and that is why not many people are making a living traveling the world.

Now, this does not mean that the lifestyle isn’t achievable because I can promise you that I am nothing special myself.

I work hard and do what it takes to get what I want, but that’s about it.

I wanted to spend more time with my family, and I knew it could be done through this thing called the Internet.

After taking the plunge, I never looked back and have lived the Roambased life for over a decade.

About Me


My name is John, and I am the founder of this site.

I am married with four children, and I am completely obsessed with golf.

Not to say I’m super good at it or anything, but I can play it every day if I can.

If I’m not trying to work on the golf swing I lost a million years ago, you can find me coaching soccer, watching my kids play soccer, or playing soccer myself.

I am nowhere near obsessed with the sport, but my kids play it, and I support their interests as much, if not more, than mine.

And, if I’m not doing all that, you can find me air-swinging at the mall, thinking about the next time I’ll be out on the course.

Without the Roambased lifestyle, my life would not be as it is.

I have made a nice living with the digital income I’ve made over the years, and I have gained tons of digital knowledge along the way.

With all that learning, I can’t help but want to help others do the same.

About This Site

With my line of work and the idea of making money through blogging, it only makes sense to share what I know through the same means I am passionate about.

I started Roambased to share what I know and my experience making money online and dealing with the challenges of living the digital lifestyle.

As a digital entrepreneur, I can travel and work from anywhere, and it’s only possible with the internet.

Everyone and anyone can achieve this lifestyle, and I want to help you do the same.

On Roambased, you will find many resources and tools that can help you start and grow your online business.

From step-by-step guides on building a website to tips on creating digital products, we have everything you need to succeed in the digital world.

Whether you are a freelancer, entrepreneur, or just someone wanting extra income, Roambased is here to help.

Join our community today and start your journey towards financial freedom and the digital lifestyle.

I hope you enjoy the content we provide, and we look forward to seeing you back here soon.